5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Start-up

We are in a digital world; you have no option, but, to use this effective way of marketing to enjoy great benefits for your business start-up. What is a social media marketing tool? In simple terms, it is a social media platform used to market a product or a service.

That is not the only function; it integrates all the social media accounts for better management. Moreover, within the application you can monitor and analyze the data and web traffic. As if that is not enough, there is a scheduling option for various actions of choice. With this in mind, it is a whole package with value-added marketing services.

Before we look at the best social media marketing tool let’s look at why business startups need a social marketing tool for getting the audience for their product or service?

  • It is a cheap and affordable marketing option
  • You reach a varied audience in just a click of a mouse button
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • A cost-effective and efficient way to build your brand
  • Vital for brand awareness

Let’s look at a pellet smoker manufacturer. When you say it is a kitchen appliance to cook for large crowds of friends then you need a video tutorial of a caterer practically using the appliance for the same benefit.

Once you engage efficient marketing tools then you notice an increase in the number of interested parties. Depending on how you engage them to make a sale, within a short duration, you have an overwhelming number of customers looking for smokers.

The digital tool alone is not a guarantee of sales. Your product or service is also crucial for a customer to make a decision. This takes us to the support systems of social media marketing in order of priority.

Strategize your business strategy goals
Before you make that post for your product or service you offer, have these questions in mind.

  •       What do you want to achieve?
  •       How does the digital tool aid in achieving the business goal?
  •      What’s your main social media platform focus?
  •     Why share the content?

The answer to these questions drives you on the best social marketing platform of choice. If you are looking for brand awareness then the interactive media is the best choice.

Conversely, if you are looking for a tool to turn leads to sales then an app renowned for web traffic serves the purpose. These are some of the main support systems to consider.

Plan and publish

Social media is a free world. You are at liberty to post what you want. Wait a minute, are you posting for the sake of it or you have a target market you want to reach? Over three billion people use social media for either communication or business. All these people are available to consume your content. Do you think you can turn all these into sales?

Furthermore, if you are to turn all of them, do you have the capacity? Plan your content and publish what brings value to the business. Too much content brings monotony, the reason why we have scheduling tools to manage the frequency of content publishing.

Listen and engage

You have a business goal to achieve; you have planned on how you do it, finally, you have published the content. It is time to listen and engage your followers on what you offer. In the example of a pellet smoker, you need to answer customized questions from customers.

You need a strong heart, prepare for all manner of feedback- positive or negative. Engage your customers for a personalized feel that you value their time on your platform. In cases where you can’t get notifications then use a social media tool for a customized reply option.

Analyze the published content

You are in business. Marketing is part of your mandate to grow your business. Take time and understand the performance of the social media option you have. The analytics come in handy to gauge what works best for your business.

In the beginning, you try out all the options. Based on the analytics, you narrow down on what works best for you.


You are at a point where the business projection is at your fingertips. At this point use the social media advertising options to increase your target audience. It increases your brand on social media pages and finally on the search engine rankings. Everyone wants to associate with a renowned brand.

All the social marketing tools have the five pillars, the difference lies in the cost and the pricing plans for different subscriptions. The five best digital marketing tools to consider include:

  • Postplanner
  • Agorapulse
  • Sendiblei
  • Hootsuite
  • SproutSocial

What works for one business might not necessarily work for you. Get the details of the offer to decide on the best choice customized to suit your business.